Cache Features


To better performance, is a good practice do caching with some AzMan objects like UserContext, close application when not needed and do better UpdateCache.
Today some cache exists in Azman to Applications and ApplicationStore.
  • Application Cache will have a better engine, detecting how many times is called and when was the last used time.
  • ApplicationStore Cache today is internal to application cache, maybe a different approach, mainly with XML Stores, where all data is loaded in memory.
    New Features
    -          UserContextCache – Caching usercontext is a good way to get a better performance with Azman
    ·         Creating UserContext By Store
    ·         How Many users can be in cache by store (0 = no cache)
    -          Closeapplication after x times. (inactive time / better UpdateCache times, but worst AccessCheck times. But better memory management. (For XML Store this feature not works).
    -          A way to control Scopes in memory - > Lots of scope in memory by a application, close application
    -          How many applications can be in cache by store (0 = no cache).